Sunday, June 22, 2003

Off to the end gig of the Middling City Guitar Festival in moments. A sunny affair with mid-tempo, mid-career bands.
Last night shot a society wedding and as I did the backwards walk in front of the bride there to my left was Kenneth Jaworski of Netherlands, specifically Amsterdam, fame and fortune. Talked to him later and he told me that he's in a band there, called Delaware, and that they hired some snazzed-out firm to design their cd package.
Got over the DMB sticker turn-in fiasco. Slightly.
My images of Dave rival any true artpiece. They are masterful, capturing his nuances well - the curved left eyebrow, the contorted fingers on frets, the devilish little smile.
Ahh, Dave.
There are occasional explosions outdoors and I forget every year that in this lawless corner of the Middling City this is where folks love to blow shit up in summertime.
I myself enjoy the colorful, flaming style pyros. The pickled man (read drunk) next door is not awakened by explosions in my backyard, only my loud whoops of awe - I am sure.
Tomorrow grad school.
Today the caffeinated newspaper deadline.
My Libran, balanced and convoluted Love.

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