Saturday, June 21, 2003

Last night had to turn in my photo pass after shooting Dave's first three songs. This has only happened at one other concert, at Britney's Extravaganza where we had to be lined up extra early and be issued a double-sided photo id and turn that in upon leaving. So no new DMB sticker for the iBook. Pourquoi? He looked good, of course.

Second-hand sightings of rock stars:
1. Whilst waiting for creds and the walk-through to the pit to shoot DMB one of my colleagues reported, most excitedly, that his buddy works at Buffalo Athletic Club and Dave - thee Dave - came in to work out. The buddy was assigned to stick by Dave's side so nobody bothered him while he sweated those handsome beautiful drops of DNA out of his melodic body. He and bandmates were also spotted buying clothes at a mall (hello! personal shoppers!) and out and about on Chippewa Street. Assumedly nobody could tell them better joints to foray for cocktails.

2. Called Dorota yesterday on her cell and she called back from her workplace to report thusly: Jason, who works at Michael Werner Gallery a stone's throw from the Met saw Johnny Depp. Johnny walked into the gallery to inspect some Captain Beefheart drawings on view. Vicarious joy.

Over and out and time to rock.

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