Friday, June 27, 2003

More lauds to Justy for yanking me from Chelsea art op fabulousness to greater rockstar fabulousness. Namely the Wilco and Sonic Youth gig at Central Park's Summer Stage. Ani's playing there in a while and I'm going to call thee Tom at thee MTV for credentials and then I'll insert her into my column.
It was a grand show and the contrast between the mellow, summer-diggin' crowd and that of the swilling Middling City masses usually at Thursday at the Square was gigantic. At one point during Wilco's excellent set I asked Justy's pal/occasional bandmate Nick for a light, specifically a ligher. Then held it aloft during a more poignant Wilco ballad. You might deduce from this post that I missed SY... sadly they were not headlining. How were they not headlining?
Jetting back to the Middling City in a few hours to shoot non-stop, make the freelance moola paying for Parsons.
The woman who manned the Polaroid for my PSD id, I speculate, was on mind-altering drugs. My head is barely in the frame. But in true DMV photo style, she caught me at my most awkward facial gesturing.
Time to rock.

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