Saturday, June 28, 2003

Middling City singer-songwriter Pam Ryder (and boys) were on fire last night, I was so impressed with how far she's come as a performer. She rocked with Throwing Muses fury and Nietzsche's was packed.
Tomorrow is the ARTVOICE Street Festival, from 1-8ish. Me and Donny K and Marky booked the bands and arranged them on four stages. My longtime favs, Last Conservative, who've gone through major personnel changes (half the band left) I put on one of the stages early, thinking that because of the instability they should not have a more populated later set. Apparently TJ was upset about playing at 1:30. Oh well.
Really don't care too much for the headliners - Nighthawks and Cracker - but what do you want for free, what do you want for a day's work.
After the fest will rush home and lay out the column and file.
Then back on the plane at 6AM to return to GradLife.
Sun-filled Love.

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