Thursday, October 02, 2008

Yours Truly, ever minding her own Liberal-minded Business to a Dem-Perfect T, was victoriously shouting BING-OOOO last night at the watching gathering for The Veep Debate.
There YT was, pen in hand that Deb handed, waiting waiting waiting for that crack-eyed femme playing her mom/outsider cards to say Heartland and YAY she finally did.
Additionally, she said Talibanis.
I asked those assembled, about a dozen media types and lovers of media types, if anyone knew the Talibani Family of the west side.
Tuesday is the next.
Band of Horses plays on the hi-fi as I push pixels and happiness and Love.
Very sad that I missed their set last Sunday, in Austin, TX.
Contemplated jetting off for that following the nonstop workweek but then decided, via solemn vow, that their next gig is like oso in my DayTimer.
They are the Perfect antidote to post-Debate punditry.
Onwards, onwards, and on.

Love of jangly rollicking poesie.