Sunday, September 28, 2008

Alas, here, above, is evidence of an odd new trend witnessed by Yours Truly: the man mall claw. Whereas ladies have more tresses around and about the bang going sky-high, the manly version is the gathering of slightly longer hairs into a crisp upward wall.
As You can see by the brow, this is a younger man.
Perhaps this is tonsorial irony, an 80s throwback.
Suddenly, YT recalls a hair product purchased - and used - in the 80s with a key ingredient: polyester.
Speaking of sad hair, the Middling City News featured on its front page a liveshot of The B-52s, who performed at the sad version of what once was a lovely, in-gallery event: Rockin' at the Knox.
Whereas one back in the (recent) day could wend through galleries with bevvies and a slew of good people tucked into all corners as live music happened throughout the gallery on various stages, it is now an outdoor event on asphalt. Wander ten feet from pals and you will discover that you are lost in a sea of darkness and only luck and texting will save your reveling ass from missing all the high times with those verysame pals.
So there on front page numero uno-A are the remainders of The B-52s: Keith, Kate, Cindy, and Fred. Without Fred there is not a band.
But the ladies, once fashionable, trim, with sky-high eponymous hairdo's are now sporting rather sad wigs, of straightness.
Kate in red.
Cindy in yellow.
YT saw this band three times in their heyday, and this all before the wedding standard Love Shack.
Last night sat and dined next to the vid portion of the nuptials documentation, a fellow UB alum.
Whereas the night before I marveled at another wedding that the d.j. played Amy Winehouse's Rehab, last night both the vidguy and I discreetly scratched our heads to the Frank Sinatra cut, You know, that irritating tune Luck Be a Lady about dames not leaving their escorts.
I also commented to the vidguy that I always chuckle when the other requisite wedding tune, Lady in Red, hits the nuptial airwaves.
A song about a worn-out relatioship being revived by the woman looking all Hot and her man, all jaded about her, looking across the room and getting all juiced up looking at his lady, who, for some reason, he does not immediately notice.
He sees the Red.
Then he sees the Lady.
It is a sonic tale of odd relationship comeuppance.


Below is a small portion of the spectacular graphite drawing YT made for Buffalo & Erie County Historical Society's bennie, Paint the Town, on Friday night.
The drawing, Old First Ward: Corner of South and Vandalia, fetched a respectable price at auction. Forgot to document it before sending it on its way and took a very bad iPhone image of it. Here, though, is the bottom half, with heads looking at it.
Gleaned from an online site with some images from PtT.
YT was informed that her parents, who went in my stead, not only whooped it up, but were documented doing so.

Skyhigh throwback Love.