Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Above are two images of this premier October day in the Middling City: toppermost is the serous (not cirrus) clouds hanging to the south where the snow is usually found in abundance, and next is a rainbow to the east after a weathered blend of sun and rain.
Met up with EditrixLiz to research for my pending Shiny Happy Mag piece "Mayors Gone Wild."
All the dunderheaded things that they have done here in the MC through the ages.
It's incredible how so many news items of the 50s and 60s are still in the news: do presidents have to be millionaires to win?, waterfront development in the MC, and a prediction by a labor lady of a now-defunct org who predicts that within 38 years a woman will be on the presidential ticket.
Geraldine Ferraro indeed sort of fits that timely parameter.
And now that other woman, of egregiousness.
Debate watching is happening all over tomorrow, the veeps having at it, as they say up north.

October Love.