Saturday, October 04, 2008

Last night got a posse wrangled together to hear & see String Trio of New York, a fine fluttering affair, like geese wending over trees.
See illustration.
Met up with LittleLaura and Kerly at Muse for a vino but first had to unconnect and meander into the auditorium - blustering, really - where a bunch of quiets were watching a presentation of news comics.
That was oso not the place to find the missing duo.
Back to vino spot and then the girls were found, thanks to technology suddenly working correctly in the cellie deadzone that the Albright-Knox Art Gallery's Bunschaft Wing can be.
We then walked the lush hallways to Clifton link where some of photog heavy hitters are hanging, including a primo Crewdson.
The one showing a boy reaching down a drain, a cutaway image of the house, in his trademarked eerie Noir light.
String Trio of Shiney Apple includes ever-delightful standup bass guy John Lundgren.
Just as Deb had texted Yours Truly during the veep debate to pay attention, YT texted LLaura to stop being ADD as she was playing cards on her smartphone.
The parents also showed up and we all listened to the notes, sipping on some light whites.
After it was off to Left Bank for a Euro-style late bite but not before YT got bigtime scolded by the on-duty security lady for daring to step into her bullpen security lair to have a quick sit upon the de rigeur taped-up seat in front of bank of multiple sec-cam images of here and there and everywhere.
So I punched out.
Allegedly this lady reads the good book religiously during her work.
Righteousness meets vigilance meets taped-up seat.
Gala to document in a while.
Time to gussey it all up and snatch up all the lovely sparkly pixels.

Pixel dust love, Love.