Monday, August 11, 2008

Oso enjoying this surreal Middling City weather.
Hail on Saturday night with zipping winds, mushy Sunday, mixed-bag Monday.
As I looked out the dreary official office à la BigU former wetlands campus, Yours Truly noted that the streaming waters resembled the encompassing waters of a carwash.
Instead of hula dancing strips of fabric, or spinning brushes, just beyond the waters was a view of Green.

sidebar of song: At the carwash Yeah, work and work ... keep those cars and limousines comin' ... work and work.

YT was wrapped in red tape whilst looking out the windows, tape that wound itself around my ankles and then, like a kudzu vine, it climbed up my neck and began wrapping there.
This was all about a Form B, something new from the Empire State for its consultants to report information that the Empire State should know of its own accord, as the writer of state checks.
If a database can be made public (thanks to Andrew Cuomo) of all the salaries of state employees, surely one could be devised to track the earnings of consultants/freelancers/contractors.
Just a thought.
And another thing, my new bumpersticker-ready slogan:
Red tape belongs on holiday packages.

This past weekend's fun times began in an airborn manner, literally.
Vino'd with Liz and Cheryl in Liz's garden (gardenia whiffs, memory of Victoria) and moved inside, sipping all the while.
Liz told us that her home was now sporting a new flop, a fancy TempurPedic mattress upstairs in the master/mistress chambers.
And, inspired by their advert about one being able to bounce upon the mattress's one side while not tipping over a wine glass on the other, Liz asked if we'd like to take the TempurPedic challenge - a bit like the NesTea plunge, YT believes.
Different action, same leap of faith.
So YT, being YT, positioned Cheryl's p&s cam atop a stack of books atop a vertical fan and set the timer and we three bounced merrily, not disturbing not one, not two, but THREE glasses of vino.
We made one, two images with the p&s with some minor adjustments made by YT of angle, placement of bedding.
Shot number three was perfection, save for the horizontal glass of vino that created a small puddle in the midwestern region of the flop.
Quick run for towels, headblower, the ginger lifting of mattress padding and voi-freakin'-là, no vino stank above the new foam aroma floating in the air.
And one great shot of the three of us to boot.
If Cheryl doesn't send the image soon YT will create her artist's rendering of the scene.

Scenic Love.

+ This just in.
Artistic rendering by YT.