Tuesday, August 12, 2008

“Somehow it’s dawning on me that I’m a more mature individual and I’m not a kid writing ‘Cherry, Cherry’ anymore,” Mr. Diamond said, referring to his first Top 10 hit, from 1966.

Yours Truly, who truly loves Neil more than ever before (Pandora Neil Diamond radio station today fired up with Song Sung Blue when Neil's hair was long and flowing and his clothing more hippie than Vegas), was just oso thrilled to read today's NYT quasi-review about what in hell Neil is up to: playing four nights at Madison Square Garden, making bundles of cash, and realizing that he is a grown man.
Some of his later fans do not get the Rick Rubin-produced release and they really need to spend more time with those songs for it's what Neil wanted to say.
I mean really.
There You are, ass in concert/stadium seat, being treated to a full-on Neil extravaganza.
His arms are up in the air, his baritone is booming, the flag might still be unfurling during America.

Rick Rubin, on the latest, led him back to stripped-down glory.
Meaning: Cherry Cherry (unarguably his best and one of the best songs ever written in these USofA) is not the work of a post-mid-career artist.

Looking at Neil's tour one thing is glaringly, sadly apparent.
Neil is bypassing the Middling City this tour.
Neil always came to the MC.
YT still loves Neil.

Love of the Solitary Man.