Saturday, August 16, 2008

Looking at a wedding image made behind the scenes before the proceedings got going, I noted in the background a bad piece of church art and, paying homage to conceptual photographer Uta Barth, decided to zip it out of its surroundings and call it art - all retextualized and fresh.
Besides stained glass windows, usually fairly interesting to look at, churches the world over seem to embrace bad art.
Yours Truly does indeed wonder why.
Look at this palette in the example, the composition.
Strictly Painting 101.

Last night went to Gary & Michele's grand opening for their B&B, on the Middling City's west side in a beautiful renovated home.
There is an onsite banister and YT had to give it a final polish, a try.
It slid nicely but has a complicated curve and what could be quite a painful ending - avoided.
Had the new kittie, Rumple, spayed for indeed she is a girl and now YT has no clear idea in hell why Rumple appeared to be spraying, or peeing out of her behind like a male.
Heady did the alterations and Rumple still likes me even after jetting her off to her medical appointment.
Time to ready for a wedding, a country club affair underneath these seasonal big fluffball clouds.

Fluffy Love.