Friday, August 08, 2008

I nearly thought I'd misheard the person on the (sprint v of the iPhone, which Yours Truly is finding still very irritating, like why doesn't it let me freakin' know who the caller on the ol' caller id is) cellie when he said that John Edwards (of $300 haircut fame, amongst other things) was stepping out on his dying wife to not only share his smarmy love, but to father a child.
Just when You think you've just about imagined the depths that the human soul can plunge.
On a much lighter note, Elvis's peacock jumpsuit set a new higher Olympic-style bar by now being the most spendy thing that his skin ever rested upon.
YT still marvels at the gay French couple aboard the Lisa Marie (Elvis's plane parked at Graceland, who looked at the gold sink and muttered, together, Incroyable.)
YT more marveled at the king-sized bed, with its king-sized belt buckle across it.
Just spent most of this entire day in the car, and in churches.
A funeral.
A wedding.
Now onto vino in Liz's garden.
Incroyable indeed.

Indelible, always edible Love.