Sunday, August 24, 2008

Above is an image culled from Yours Truly's vast photo archive - analog and digital - from 1990.
This is inside Crash Club, at a private party for Paragon Advertising and, in keeping with an 80s cultural sub-context, there's a Japanese theme.
Think back, if You can, to that era and one of its oddball fashion statements: t-shirts emblazoned with kanji that stated whatever, sleeveless, red and black on white. YT did not own one, having really been to Nippon and having returned with more imaginative shirts from there than those contrivances.

So, there it is, Crash Club in 1990, a private party with a Japanese theme and impresario TonyB (dear friend) is in charge of not only the club but the party's entertainment.
Enter Justy (story's dear friend number two), as The Plum Maiden and performing such for the unsuspecting revelers.
If You look closely You will spot shoulderpadis gigantius, and even a classic Mall Claw.
Justy performed this (in quotes) Dance of the Plum Maiden in slo-mo and YT recalls pondering how long he'd be able to pull off this ersatz traditional dance which seemingly had no end in sight. It ended with a flourish and the onlookers applauded and more warm sake was sipped - and sushi snarfled - by all.

So fast forward to yesterday to Justy's Roast/Stag in East Aurora at Wallenweins Hotel, a biker hang. One with a television mounted up on high in a hole for viewing from the front porch.
YT was the only invited femme and for that I was most honoured.
Justy did say that YT was to be his sole femme groomsman but his pending mother-in-law nixed that ardently.
And there in a big kapoof went my chance to be a groomsman.
YT has been a pallbearer twice, but not a groomsman - yet.
Also in attendance were the following: SteveB, dad, stepdad, bro-in-law, two uncles, and a cousin-in-law who is veep of RBR/Ani's Domain.

As it was all billed as a Roast, YT brought along this photographic likeness which was, miraculously, found amid the millions of images in a record-setting time of nine minutes.
Justy was horrified, much to my surprise and delight.
For that this image may reappear, methinks, as the envelope encasing it went missing off the table on the patio, and there were some YT-made mutterings of a t-shirt to come via my favoured
Details to follow.

Plum Love.