Friday, August 29, 2008

After a panoply of interesting gigs yesterday and yesternight (sadly, missed a performance of Neil's Sweet Caroline by a UB person in white patent leather shoes - a triumph).
But Yours Truly, ever a fan of the curiosity that is a mascot, had the mascot-in-question's handler make an image of YT and Victor E. Bull.
I think this also happens to small children, but proximity to a mascot usually makes me either want to emphatically embrace the furry thing, or talk quietly into the mesh hole in a slightly quiet, questioning and Awestruck voice. Never stomp on their oversized feet. Never.
Moving right along.
Hickey told me at the gateway to the sidelines (where YT was momentarily captured until another nice boy came and gave me his creds and I was free to move along) that Jay Benfatti of the BN has passed away and, like Russert, was only in his early 50s. Heart went kapoof and off he floated to - I hope - a place of peace and wonderment.
He had a wickely lovely grin that is unforgettable, was an amazing writer, and was a fine bon vivant.
This fine morn YT found herself not entirely minding her own business, but a collective business: of image making & taking, of gifts promised, and ground soon to be broken.
Jack Davis, running for Congress, was at the BigU to present a Big check to the department of Engineering there toward a brand spanking new clean room for their new Engineering Building.
So, after all the photo ops were completed, YT thought to ask a BigU-man to make an image of YT with Mr. Davis.
I asked for one image and he snapped several, and YT thought he might not ever give the cam back.
Here, for Your viewing pleasure, is YT in the early morning hours (rainy) with Mr. Jack Davis, who is quite charismatic and more handsome than his images online and in analog print.

Now, You must study both of the above images.
In which image does YT look more pleased, more comfy, and more telegenic.
Which framemate appears more cuddly, more friendly, and more telegenic.
Write 100 words about this matter and email to:
Thank you for Your attention in this matter.
The winner will receive nothing but my sincerest approbations.

And another thing.
One final image, a lovely arboreal image found this morning.
New trees. Well, soon-to-be-planted trees. And YT has forgotten the species but the man told me ... Japanese, round leaves, quite hardy.
Ready for growing.

Last night Laura and I watched The Speech - all 42 minutes - at Aroma.
YT had to insist that Yes, the volume level could be adjusted so that One could hear the danged thing, that YT had watched part of the hockey playoffs there and just knew this to be so.
So Esmerelda twiddled knobs and voilĂ  sound.
Laura and I at about 20 minutes began to say Oooh, this is very long.
YT wished to hold onto all the facts and quotes and it was becoming so difficult.
Fabulous is the word for that speech, and all from memory.
The only glitch, and Deb texted about this just after The Speech, was: What was Michelle Obama thinking. That dress was hideous.
If it was in fact a funky little Betsey Johnson number that just didn't have high telegenic points then that is understandable. But BJ wouldn't work for that type of function anyhoo and the colours were a bit wonky, and the pattern.
Deb, Laura, and I found the dress a highly curious choice.
But not as curious as the veep choice of McCain.
Later about that.

Later alligator, Love.