Tuesday, August 26, 2008

In the middle of enjoying my self-made Salmon Wellington last evening I announced to Kennedy, Brucey, and Eva These are glorified Hot Pockets.
Pink Pockets, Brucey opined and offered.
The Hot Pink Pockets were served alongside a vegetable dish that I invented, whose ingredients are oso secret.
Dessert was not a danged thing that Yours Truly crafted for who had time to bake and make ice cream and gelato after a cocktail party and before cooking the pockets, I ask You.

Following, an email snippet from one of the editors of YT:

Kevin is a terrific reporter, asked very good questions, and we had a very nice chat. Nancy Pelosi did the photo shoot, and she's excellent, too.
Have a great Labor Day weekend (I will be laboring here, working on another grant due Sept. 15! That's the science biz.)

She sent it along as YT is in sooth the photog in question, but YT did send back to her editor that Nancy Pelosi, based on her smart wardrobe, would make a fine creative type, and photojournalist.
YT was about to make a sweeping generalization about photojournalists and journalists being snappy dressers as they are image makers with keen eyes and a nose for not only news but style, but that would not be a generalization but faux fact.
YT is thinking specifically of a few Middling City television cameramen who dress rather badly. Who are also crab-asses. Who think nothing of giving a still photog a shove when you are nearing their big clunky rig on tripod weighing as much as a small SUV.

YT received a very wonderful text today, from a pal whose wife was recently photographed by YT for his viewing pleasure. I suggested an ensemble purchased at VS, to give You an idea.
They were absolutely stunning.
He said They are breathtaking.

Ever pushing pixels into the realm of the sublime, for viewing pleasure and the like.

Like the sublime, Love.