Friday, August 22, 2008

Last night, whilst leaving the BO Party (that's Best Of party, for Your edification) at Shea's with Annie, spotted a bombus fervidus on Ellicott Street in front of Washington Market, wrongfully situated not on Washington Street one block over.
The bombus fervidus exhibited a complete mortality response so Yours Truly scooped it up and carefully placed it into a Smart Water lid for safe keeping, for art's sake.
Sipped el cheapo champagne and St. Germain with Annie, Liz, Cheryl in Liz's garden, hearing late summer sounds.
YT did like so not slide down the Shea's banister after doing so at last year's BO party and scuffing a black streak onto her left derrierish zone. Damned docents I thought, fercrissakes, this Middling City landmark and all needs to have ultra-clean banisters.
YT, for the absolute record, has never met a banister that she did not only like, but slide down upon.
YT discovered that Band of Horses is having a western tour and YT is formulating a plan to jet out there to perhaps see them, and visit a nearby pal.
And photograph some flora and fauna out in the wild west.
It has been oso long since YT has sniffed in the air of the wild west.
YT loves westerns.
YT does not love western omelets.
And on that sunny, sonorous, and chunky note.

Love of art and the bombus fervidus, harbinger of Green.