Monday, July 28, 2008

One curious image from Northampton.
You can see that NMA also exhibits the white skies of the Middling City.
Looked down the side of this building to see if this was an entrance for men, or a washroom (heading to Canada so am speaking Canadian this fine a.m.).

Enjoyed some front porch coffee action with a bunch of girls and invited men, speaking of such. Strong coffee, some laughter, a few early bird Garden Walkers clutching their maps and meandering by. Lisa and Gina both told tales and Yours Truly suggested that they march right on down to that Story Corp wagon/Airstream if it's still there.
Went on a very micro-Garden Walk with Laura later in the afternoon after a gig in the 'burbs and before viewing one of the nephew's new bands.
Laura believes that every day in the MC in late spring and summer is Garden Walk and to a bit of that I concur.
But it is an amazing feat that tens of thousands converge around the splendors of the combo platter that is gardening - Art plus Nature.

Going to Buckethead later this evening out where the nephew just performed.
And tomorrow it's off to the lovely, crisp, and tasty Shiney Apple for another bite.

Time to speak more Canadian.
Maple-coated Love.