Thursday, July 24, 2008

Un fromage nouveau pour Yours Truly – St. Agur.
Had this and a fab din at Chez Albert in Amherst, MA.
St. Agur is one of those pungent cave dwellers that is supposedly hard to find.
Yesterday went to MASS MoCA for the premier time and up on the walls and filling the former industrial spaces that did remind ever so much of Dia:Beacon was work by Jenny Holzer (whom YT met several years ago after motoring to her home in Hoosack Falls, NY), Joseph Beuys, Anselm Kiefer.
Lots of digvid on display which did, perhaps in a flashing pass, get YT to thinking about making some digvids again.
Wandered about the lush campus of Smith after discovering that their art gallery was closed. Saw a sycamore that looked like it was 300 years old, same as the Middling City's elder statestree that is now infused with meds and ready for its next century, if all goes well and the aquifier doesn't dry up below it and a drunk doesn't slam a car into it.
Northampton continues to amuse and is quite a rich topic for the Shiney Happy – I am here and enjoying whilst also working on a travel piece.
Was delighted to find an instant photo machine (a real one, not a revised version) that spits out the eggbomb strip of four vertical images on the second floor of one of my favorite sub-destinations in N.
Of course stuffed in the dollars (that was the machine's sole update), sat upon the stool after strategizing the frames, and kapop and kachink ... images. Just magic, as always.

Always magical, Love.