Saturday, August 02, 2008

As promised, here is Diana, in her new home.
In lieu of the basement of Albright-Knox Art Gallery (shamefully not on view) she is in a sunny gallery of The Met.
Liz stated last night that the sculpture is where it belongs.
I do agree that now the piece is seen and enjoyed and studied by many each day.
Sadly, though, it's no longer in the provenance of the Middling City.

Here are a few more images from The Shiney Apple.

Both go along with my street images series made there.
One is manmade artifacts on the streets, the other shows Nature burgeoning forth in spite of the urban landscape.

Last night spent a lovely hour or so with old friends in Polly's garden: Polly was there, of course. It was a bon voyage party for Anna, who leaves for grad school in San Diego. Roadtrip.
As I left the party I took Anna by the shoulders and imparted this traveler's blessing imparted upon Yours Truly as I was on one of many cross-country journeys.
Drive fast, take chances.
Anna believed it to be the best advice she'd received all evening.
I do also oftentimes heed the advice of Brucey: Watch out for people with pointy teeth.

Off to document some nuptials.

Driving, chancy Love.