Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Completely, utterly minding my own business I was confronted by Diana.
A phalanx (and when does one really ever get to use that vocab word, properly) of Met guards were blocking off a gallery of Greco-Roman works.
It was a Met spectacle that Yours Truly had truly never seen before. The imploring voices and gestures, yes, of the guards.
But a phalanx.
So YT, being herself, had to take a gander at the guards blocking, shoulder to shoulder, entrance - about ten of them.
I made an image of them.
Then I looked over their shoulders to see the former Middling City visitor, Diana with her stag.
In the center of the gallery there she charismatically IS, a dark bronze amid a gang of marble figures.
A stand-out.
As I made these images (and You will YT forgive as my card reader is like so on the other side of the state and therefore they cannot be viewed at this present time) another Met man appeared, obviously of a title more long and grave than the guards.
He was in a suit, more creds on his lapel.
He was beseeching that I leave and I said I'm from the Middling City and the Albright-Knox sold this at Sotheby's to you. (sic: a private collector purchased the work and it's on loan to the Met).
You should not have sold it, the man in the nice suit stated.
I then told him that roughly 50% of the MC was up in arms, about the community gathering/shouting match.
I tried to glance and remember his names but didn't have a chance.
Onwards into the Shiney Apple, ever loaded with visuals and stunning quotes like this one, heard in an institute of fine art viewing.
Woman: (unawares in full-on tourist mode, yelling, gesturing like a madwoman)
Doug: (turns around, walks toward madwoman) Mmmmm.

Mmmmm, Love.