Saturday, March 01, 2008

In honour of Leap Day and its attendant Year intended to create an image of someone - perhaps Yours Truly - in mid-air, mid-jump, mid-springing, mid-leaping.
In lieu of that here is an image of Canadian Geese in flight.
Wending back from a suburban gig noted about a hundred geese munching on fallen grain on train tracks.
This is what the feral do in the Historic Old First Ward, they glean.
Reaching for the cam noted a city bus lumbering around the corner of Hamburg and South Streets (the ol' Louisiana Bus, I believe Number 18, Danny Gare's number of yore) and thought OHNO, the bus will scare away the feasting geese.
Sure enough, the bus not only scared the wild fauna, but the bus driver was also transfixed by the sight of the hundred or so in the gaggle grounded.
This image is them fleeing.
Through the windshield.
It hearkens back to Our Country's wild west, road images, tales of journeying onwards.

Speaking of onwards.
This fine day encountered the annual road race dubbed the Shamrock Run, the afternoon when thousands rediscover, or re-remember, where the Historic Old First Ward actually is fercrissakes.
And then they overtake the neighborhood and make it nigh impossible to get to one's home for quite some time, until the last of the stragglers hobble to the finish line for a beer.
This happened.
YT, after meeting up with Annie, to lay upon her the six Police tix ordered on her (and her sibs's) behalf - via a handi CitiCardi - for a cuppa (and random community conversation) encountered a true member of the Police force. This true Police man, a leathery and scrappy man, informed YT that she had to hit the road.
Even after a quick explication that I needed to just go a short dist...
Black leather hands flailing in air.
But I have to...
Frantic waving of pleather-covered arms.
How long until the race is done.
Leather policeman is ignoring.
YT yells louder HOW LONG will the RACE BE ON.
Half an hour, with frantic waves of arms.
So YT proceeded onwards just then to purchase a bunch of futuristic b-day presents for loved ones.
Moral: When life gives you the leathery, turn it into an errand.
Saw Butch Morris and an orchestra of Middling City pals on various instruments last night, a Hallwalls gig in the big colorful Babeville Hall.
Lovely conversationettes, including one with Kelly down in The Ninth Ward, as she worked on a few spots to dispel the sinusitis headachis.

Fauna Love, Leaping Love.