Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Here, for Your erudition, are some images from the Empire State Capitol Castle - the funeral of Lincoln memorabilia, one of the lovely green velvet sofas (high backed, comfortable, very arts and crafts with cushion) outside the State Senate Chambers (and, really, a sofa Yours Truly would not mind owning, or a facsimile of thereof), and an exterior detail of such sandy sandstone as YT has never seen before. This pedestal looks, to YT, as if it's just been formed by damp sand. A triumph.

Today YT had a gig in a public school where I've done some work before, one on a rather obscure street off of a former lovely main drag on the east side. Across from the school about half of the houses are slated for demolition, with those telltale squares spraypainted on the facades, maybe even some helpful notes to those who may be doing the demo, or contemplating squatting or the like – Kitchen floor has holes, Floor may give way, and the ever-popular Gas cut off.
Drove to nearby Central Terminal (the site of this year's Artists & Models – hooray – as the light was oso Perfect and thought there could be images to be made.
The dark bricks looked rather mucky against the gray sky so YT rolled onwards.
Onwards to another gig.
Purchased flower seeds today, crafted (or collected, rather) by Richard of Faerie Seeds. Some that YT has planted before, like Nigella, and others new to this gardener.

Seeds of Love, Love of Spring.