Sunday, February 24, 2008

Yours Truly, ever culinary and creative of Nature, is in throes of making Hoppin' John, a black-eyed pea-based dish of interesting origins.
Familiar with said dish as Polly always makes it for a friend get-together at holiday time.
YT is fabricating this many-stepped dish out of Joy of Cooking in honour of the culinary mentions in the last book club book read, Away by Amy Bloom. We Solid Gold Bookers rotate meeting places and always cook a light repast inspired by what we've read. The derring-do protagonist is Russian (so Russian fare works) but to augment the taste sensations YT suggested some Soul Food, too, as the protag is befriended by Gumdrop, a soulful, child-like lady of the night.
So, voilĂ , Hoppin' John.


It is now finished. After three hours or so I can deem it tasty, another version of rice, beans, secret spices, and pork product.

Onwards to book group.
Last night met Molly, Lisa, Lauren out for vino along the Avenue.
Discussed, amongst other things, the sad demise of New World Record, now officially over and out. Along that topic, discussed the purchasing of music - downloads v. discs.
Tomorrow bound for all-day and all-night bigU gig in Albany, the capital of this Empire State. Hoping that the limobus has plug-ins for laptops as this overworked laptop has meager off-plug powers.
Looking ahead to next VH1 gig, documenting things surrounding gaming and the WWF.
Yee Ha. Joysticks, Wii, oiled-up and steroided bods.

Hoppin' Love.