Monday, February 25, 2008

Minding my own business, this time in Albany, I found myself once again drawn into (and lost amid) what is called The Million Dollar Staircase in the Capital Building.
The staircase in question is all sandstone and carved. I'd feel confident that I was on the right side of the building to discover that no, I was really not on the side that I needed to be and would have to go up up and up some more, cross over the senate chambers antechamber and go down again. On the right side.
So, this staircase has carved faces of luminaries who changed the course of human existence. And smaller carved heads of family members of stonecarvers. And art nouveau greenery, in sandstone.
At one more lost moment Yours Truly found herself looking into an Abraham-Lincoln-themed showcase with actual dried flowers from his funeral wreath. And a rosette from his hearse. And more.
Some of the artwork in the offices is great. Other offices are filled with requisite portraits of former officeholders. There were some outstanding nineteenth century etchings that were hand-colored.
On the kitsch end of the spectrum I saw a small print, about 5"x8" in a women's bathroom, a scene with some happy mountains, some happy sailboats, a happy sky, and a happy dappling of light. I especially liked how it was hung just a bit too high up on the wall.
Onwards to more shooting at the reception being hosted by the bigU.
Saw many beautiful rooms on the older side of things, old fireplaces, carved stone.
This complex of senate and assembly buildings is a maze of sorts, hence the chronic lost condition du jour.

Senatorial, Assembled Love.