Friday, April 13, 2007

Happy Birthday to Sam.
Happy Birthday to epinw.

Today photographed a feeding frenzy of sorts for students at the big U, a way to thank them for being good customers of food services there. Photographed some with sky-high foodstuffs carefully balanced before the students had to walk about one hundred feet to a seating area. I imagine there was a spilling crisis at some point. Student carrying sky-high plate, student running for a bus, kapow.
Tomorrow I am shooting a house made of haybales. Yes, haybales.
And the Shiney Happy has asked me to review the pending Eastman show of Ansel, as in Adams.
Just perused the catalogue of workshops and travel possibs via Santa Fe Workshops and a few sound just fab, one week of cavorting somewhere exotic with the like-minded.
About to embark to appear on the Greg Sterlace Show, sans Greg.
But featuring pals Annie and Michele.
Greg has had a meltdown.
He always had me on as a co-host and it was often commented upon that I was able to quote unquote hold my own with him. We would usually end up conversing or shouting at each other and forgetting the guests onhand. Or we would kind of harangue the guests, if need be.
I will be talking about the aforementioned b-days. Of course.
Am I glad that that Imus character is expunged.
You bet your straw cowboy hat.
As in the one sitting on my printer, the one I was given by some nice people at a race, probably as they noted my SPF 8000 was wearing a bit thin.
Time to regroup, depart, offshoot.

Offshot Love.

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