Tuesday, April 10, 2007

As most people Yours Truly knows, and this includes YT, have turned that vernal pagan-x'n holiday hybrid–a.k.a. Easter–into Imbibathon, all plans for Dyngus Day sort of fell by the wayside/fell out the window.
Entertained, with Kennedy, ICP (Instant Composers Pool, not International Center of ... not for ... Photography, nor Insane Clown Posse although YT has witnessed and photographed them onstage) on Saturday night after their incredible gig at Hallwalls in The Cavernous Church of Ani. A large black curtain was added to the Gothic skyward arch but the sound still booms around the room. This was duly noted by Bandmate Scott and I who sat on the second level peering down at the mass of watchers and this tentet from Holland.
After the show sped back to the EasyBake Oven etc. where the hunks of lamb legs were baking away.
Served 18 supper and it all began with Oyster Shooters (raw, in a citron vodka/lemon/soy concoction) with raw quail egg atop each and dainty thin scallions. Bandmate Scott broke out into a sweat as he helped me construct them ... Are these raw, is this raw, he queried. He did shoot one. They are sublime.
After that lobster and crab salad in a YT-created tarragon dressing. Then the legs of lamb, Tandoori chicken, Americana meatloaf, buttery green beans, rosemary roasted potatoes, a few salmon filets for a chocolate-loving vegetarian who does eat the fish. And on the table I had a butter lamb, a Middling City specialty.
This perplexed just about everyone at the table.
Susannah, ICP's manager, had an incident with her Oyster Shooter and I had a flash of having to rush to get the vacuum to dislodge the oyster from her gullet.
Off to a marathon big U day, including documentation of thee man who created Earth Day, Denis Hayes.
Earth Day, yes, is each and every day. But it is truly on the calendar on the fifteenth of this month. Two days after the festive celebration of the anniversary of the appearance of epinw.
As YT was merrily wending her way through life yesterday received some frantic messages from editrix at the Shiney Happy, looking for some fun facts to add to the behemoth piece on this and that. Fhonecalls, fixed, filled, finished in a flash.
Onwards to there, there, there, there, and there, too.

There, Love.

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