Wednesday, April 11, 2007

... Born sour or does the problem go deeper.
Now that is a question.
Your homework assignment is to check out this educational, health-related vid via Internet Archive. Sound only is fine for flailing away. It is still educational.
At least fur keeps you warm.

The latest of Perfect, jazz-related post-gig feasts was another raging success with PB at the helm of the table, after full-blast trio of him and equally-imported rhythm section - Marino Pliakas and Michael Wertmüller. Told Michael and Marino, way late into the post-dessert musings, that the moment they created with a simple beat that spanned into for a terminal but interminal-in-moment moment made all sorts of blocked art ideas in the head of Yours Truly slip out. They were visibly pleased.
It was one of my most favoured PB gigs and I told him that the big triad of events in the month of my merry birth (nine days later, to be quite Perfectly pushing exactitude) in Chicago is not only inked in but looked forward to. An exhibition, a concert, a publishing party.
PB invited me to bend myself into his suitcase so I could mosey along on this full-blast tour. With all the yoga and pilates it could be quite possible. But then, of course, it is a real hazard with sub-zero temps happening out in outer space where planes fly.
Two shopping days until Sam's b-day and the anniversary of epinw.

Shop and rock on, Love.

+ this just in.
two jpegs arrived of YT with a whole shitload of flowing hair, just after a Phish show and before some other rock hoopla - cameras present in both instances, of course. I look forward to its re-emergence soon.


Anonymous said...

Do you have a thing for PB?

Nancy J. said...

Really. Who doesn't have a thing for PB. Anonymous, you should stick your neck out and post under your name, it might up the street cred of your lame words.