Friday, August 08, 2003

For class - for seminar - really! - I had to watch Lawnmower Man.
Abso-fuckin-lootly one of the most challenging movies ever made.
NB: I did not call it a film.
Challenging how, you wonder, squinting your suspicious eyes.
To not keep screaming (as I did) What the HELL happened to the monkey? He was a real winner, and then *POOOF*, he's gone, EXEUNT.
No more monkey.
Then there are twists and turns and the oddest protagonist hairstyles ever viewed. And the movie stretches over two hours. You'll feel like you've donated an organ or something and want something in return. Don't do it.
Giving a seminar chat on Tuesday about three complicated readings.
One of the three of our little Group E has decided that she cannot meet until the night before - amazingly.
I'm forging on and will be making a handout summarizing all of our seminar readings (nutshell-style) and will be putting together a geeky a-v presentation. Solo.
And if my Geek Quotient were not high enough, I'm going to be finishing William Gibson's Neuromancer today.
Love, CyberCult-infused, Love.

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