Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Received the email address for The Kid from Marky Sparky Norris (front man at ARTVOICE) and seconds ago emailed said Kid to see if he might consider being my muse and central focus for some new photowork.
*please say yes please say yes please say yes please say yes please say yes*
Told him there'd be no nudity, no pyros, no oddness.
Well, unless he thinks that frenching a hibiscus flower is odd.
Kidding, sort of.
My Kenneth Cole slingbacks turned to sponges in the torrential rains today and so had to purchase some other choices, backups so to speak.
Met with fellows to discuss our presentation in a week of the week's three readings - one dense as stale swiss cheese and the two others less so. On top of usual grad student activities which includes impressive daily ingestion of caffeine.
Had an e-go-round with publisher/editor/pal a few days ago and will meet up with him around the 15th (when school is done for summer) to decide my ARTVOICISTIC fate.
Can go either way.
Is this a cliffhanger?
You betcha.
My gradschoolful Love.

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