Sunday, August 10, 2003

Deliciously off the grid in the present, in the Knowledge Union of venerable and eccentric Parsons School of Design/Refrigeration ... and which I also lovingly call Factory of Art and Ideas.
Researching again the Liquid Architecture and thoughts on cyberspace made by Marcos Novak. Found a photo of him on the web, it screams guru or I've-found-my-schtick-now-luvv-my-goatee.
Squatted in a glorified bakery this grad school morn (read early afternoon after reading Novak etc. until the wee hours, enhanced by sips of Oban) and read New York Press. Was most impressed to see not one but two pieces by former Middling City terror Matt Taibbi.
One is his lecherous take on girl teen mags and the other is a book review by an elder dispensing financial advice to GenXers.
Both well written, of course. His writing leaves you with a lingering sensation of cynicism, sinisterism, voyeurism and here's another ism - hilarity.
Back to the smarty pants goatee, Marcos Novak, and Neuromancer and all other things fluid and poetic.
Novak calls forth the poetry of Lorca several times and I read a bit of him today. I am ashamed to say that my honors english major self is not too familiar with the dense and non-linear words by him - yet.
My love.
My NYC-based love.

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