Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Heard from The Kid.
Totally into it was how he began his email and then went on to state he's got a few ideas of his own. That is a plus as working with a model is and should be a collaboration of sorts and if that other person has ideas and a sensuality and a sensibility it will be better than if they are strictly a body in front of me and the lens.
Had a very unforgettable dream about an unforgettable image.
Saw a show of photographs by a Middling City artist who is not a photog but a photo-realistic painter - Curtis Parker. I know him from ages ago, from clubbing, and now he's married to another friend.
In this exhibition was a large print of moldy hollyhock leaves (their stems had not yet projected forth so it was early spring - or maybe autumn and they had been cut down) and much beyond them a gray house, looking rather in need of a paint job. It was a color print but the color was so muted it had hardly any color. Lots of grays.
I kept looking at the print and decided that I had to buy it.
I went back to look at it with JenD and was studying it very closely (just like I was looking at an Iris print yesterday made by Martha Burgess) when JD said That's going to cost about a grand to frame. At least, I said.
Such a beautiful image, not too unlike what I'm making right now for PSD.
Large-scale photographic Love.

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