Friday, June 20, 2003

Going to, but not staying for, Dave (as in Matthews Band) at Darien Lake tonight. Finally heard from Donna at Clear Channel outta Albany that I have a big yes to shoot DMB as well as opener - moe., formerly of the Middling City.
I wrote back to Donna that the first time I recall shooting moe. was at the shithole Essex Street Pub back when they were allowed to have live music. Haven't seen the moe. newsletter in a while, a full-colored something that rivals in apostledom the newsletter of Ani, Righteous Report. Opening up this trifolds and polyfolds one realizes in a flash that these acts have a whole slice of the universe mapped out for listeners, followers, merch gobblers.
Last night shot 54-40 at Thursday at the Square, a mediocre moment in time, to be sure.
They had a sub guitarist and quite frankly I'm not sure that I noticed.
Saw Boy Colleague Marky there who asked what the lead singer's name is.
Fer crissakes, I said, go on the internet system and find out.
Don't know if tonight I'll have my fourth annual shot at shouting DAVE, I LOVE YOU, YOU ROCK at poor, unsuspecting Dave. The last time that was shouted by most Perfect Me Dave looked amazed.
Hope the shirts are good, I'd like a new model.
Wore my red one yesterday and Bad Penny's words afloated into my mind, spoken in a post-cocktail rasp:
You're such a pretty girl, why don't you ever wear anything other than concert tshirts, you could be so attractive?
Got a message that Martin called today from Japan/Tokyo/the other side of the Planet, sorry to have missed his call.
Thinking now of how my brain will be filled with exciting new technological information starting in three days or so.
Technology... my friend.

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