Monday, June 16, 2003

Yesterday's Robby Goo Allentown-time Music as Art Fest was excellent with Robby froclicking about, painting on the art wall with his wife Miyoko and then playing a whole mess of Eddie Money Covers with the band The Ifs as Robby Money. Bongoes, Robby, who would have guessed? Worked through the volunteer logistics to get into the studio while bands were playing all wired up in front of the Chameleon West windows to the adoring masses outdoors - Last Days of Radio and Girlpope. The Allentown neighbors, a vocal and somewhat ornery bunch, should have been pleased that the fest was contained, respectful and not teeming in decibels. Allentown Village Society, the org that runs Allentown Art Fest, had two of those cheapo signs on wheels directing people to the AAF a block away, at the corner of Allen and Franklin - within mere feet of Robby's event. A gesture at non-unity, for sure. The vendors, apparently, usually on that one block of Allentown, didn't want to be anywhere near Robby's event, fearing the worst.
Met a dj from Cali who spun between bands, and we discussed the new iPod. He told me he's going to put his entire collection on cd's and vinyl on them and use them through a mixing board. I told him I'm going to use mine to transport my digital art files, that conventional art students will use traditional art portfolios whereas I'll be carrying around something the size of a pack of smokes... until I make big ass prints.
Speaking of art school, that starts soon. A new art journey, a new art plan.

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