Friday, March 21, 2003

Shot the Bouncing Souls on one of last night's several stops a sold-out HOT-en-anny. As their name suggests, they bounce a lot. On the proverbial toes shooters must be. Speaking of shooters shared the pit with a small girl with small digital point & shoot and the Middling City's most annoying boy photog who does not rate as a Boy Colleague. He's Amateur Boy and he apes all that I do, perhaps watching me as much as the stage activity. I put on a different lens, he does same. I switch from TTL to some bounced light for a different look and he'll do that. I switch from one side of the stage to another and he's there. I back up five feet and he's in the spot I just occupied. I think next time I see him I'll charge him a tutorial fee. He's also the sort of photog who's all elbows and some of the BCs have noted this as well. It's a habit, a way of being a pain in the ass, a presence. I've actually moved Amateur Boy's elbow out of my view when he was in front of me and maintaining a wallish stance.
After Bouncing Souls shot a lezbo spoken word artiste, the final stop. She was really a bright spot, words flipping out of her effortlessly. Alix Olson. And she had some audience participation happening, always a gold star in my mind. It was a far far cry from the pre-Bouncing Souls reading I shot/attended that was a hushed and brightly-lit affair.
Events, they come in all shapes, sizes and darknesses.
Love and Friday-style anticipations.

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