Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Amongst other messages left on the Perfect answering machine is one from an attorney and I'm dreading calling this person back - I have a feeling it's the esq. of the batoned man who not only gave me his okay but purchased a few copies of his bruised likeness. I sent him a few lo-rez jpegs so he could have a sneak peek of what'll be in his mail and in the alternweekly.
For the record:
I have applied and been accepted to be part of the first group/class of 15 MFA students in Parsons School of Design's Photography and Applied Technologies. The mere mention of the word technologies makes my heart gleefully skip beats... me, data, experimentation, imaging more than ever, images, technology, calculations, more experimentation.
The program is designed to have us in NYC for short intensive bursts in the summer when no undergrads are around the labs. Then they prefer us to depart and resume our careers whilst keeping in touch with fellow PRT MFAs and faculty via... technology!
Finally received my packet of overwhelming amounts of information including my student freakin' number. That and $400 means it's for real.
Tuition, frighteningly, is higher than I realized.
I may have to start a part-time career in bank robbery to finance this experimentation in higher learning.
26 months from now you will all have to get on all fours and kiss my MFAd arse.
Thanks for your attention in this matter.
NJP, PSD student #NP28887.25

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