Thursday, March 20, 2003

Endured the world's longest awards luncheon which clocked in at a mind-numbing 2 hours and 20 minutes = speeches, presentations and video snippets. I was so on my game: this awardee from the left, next one from the right, ooooh, and this awardee head-on.
Needed/wanted to sit closer than the alternapaper table so sat with a rival pub's employees and when the emcee said Would every past awardee here please stand up I did my customary rise and bow... explaining that to the table's obvious unhumoured horror.
For some reason my 80-200 was on the ol' fritz and would seize and give me a horrifying EEE as in Error message. Switched then to the 28-70.
In 50 minutes there's a peace rally in a smallish Middling City Park. Seems to me a tad late for a peace rally as we're now in the throes.
Just told one of my more humour-loving colleages at the alternapaper (where I'm multi-tasking/making a few perkly long distance calls) that I'm fasting until we have peace.
Fasting for peace.
As the oil fields burn I sign off, soldiering on for accuracy in all things Blog.

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