Monday, March 17, 2003

I'm sorry, I just don't care right now.
Turning off NPR and the pending death threats and reaching for brilliant Stephen Malkmus/Pavement's appropriate-for-now Terror Twilight from 1999 when the world was still sort of innocent and fresh.
Among the sights shot by Yours Truly this past weekend was a man of a Middling City suburb with a perfect baton mark across his face, getting shuffled into a waiting squad car by two Middling City cops. I'm going to phone him tonight (if he's out of the klink/hospital) to ask if he's okay with his likeness and name running in the alternative newsweekly that sort of pays me.
Full of himself Lead Boy Colleague said he sent the same man's likeness to AP and that it was seen all over the country. I think the bashee still has a right to a yes or no on being run in his hometown alternapaper and being named.
Yesterday shot the St. Patrick's Day parade, a flash of pomp, circumstance, drunks and green. Escaped the mean green streets to a friendly gay bar for an icy one, dabbing some beer foam onto the small lips of baby Sarah until her mom said No more.
Although Crispin Glover is one of the best freaks on celluloid (and what a fine fine nose) do not - DO NOT - waste money seeing his newest movie Willard.
I liked it for showing me some interesting camera angles. In a nutshell it's a fucked-up tribute to Michael Jackson and his movie Ben.
Onwards to more music, more work, no more news today and more images.

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