Friday, July 05, 2002

Well it's July 5th and I have all my digits.
Only mishap was when I set off a quadruple bottle rocket which slunk lower in its bottle as it was getting ready to blow up, sailing down my driveway and that of my neighbor (Frank, the affable Viet Nam vet), missing him by about 2 feet as he sat on his front porch with three others. I went over there and said Sorry Frank to which he said Good thing I changed the batteries in my pacemaker.
Then Chris's bottle rocket went awry, hitting a car passing by. They didn't stop, probably assuming that we were a bunch of drunk badasses. Oh, we were/are. Partially due to Laura's two trays of Jell-O shots. Turned my mom & dad onto Jell-O shots and I was rather surprised that my party worldly parents had never had them.
Patriotic Love.
ps: Deborah's baby didn't come out during my shift, dammit.

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