Monday, July 01, 2002

The perfect music festival day ended in a timeless floating of friends and walking and drinks and warmweather laughing until late. Talked to John Lombardo amongst others and he said on the new John & Mary release they're using backwards guitar parts by late great Robert Buck.
Oh, had to, amid revelry, call an ambulance for a man I spotted nestling into some dirt on the outer edge of a parking lot, his cane next to him. Went over to talk to him and he suggested the ambulance. One of my pals said that the calling was unnecessary but I didn't think so. It took a while but he finally got up and went away with the emt's, who, I thought, were rather rude to the guy.
There was a mild amount of behind-the-scenes chaos but nothing too serious... a band here and there late, garbage issues, promotional banner issues, beer truck volunteer issues. Oh, and interpersonal struggles including the appearance of one guy with a stack of the paper The Beast which goes to great lengths to slam the publisher of my newspaper, the man behind the street festival. I approached the guy and took his picture and asked his name. He said (I thought, via my concert-addled ears) Lucas Fosse. OHH! I said, the CHOREOGRAPHER? (It's Bob Fosse... see, part of my charm is my mislocutions and mishearings and such and all or most of the people at this nasty little rag The Beast use noms de plumes) He said NO, Luke Fox, I'm an intern. I then shouted Well I'm NANCY from ARTVOICE and off I wandered. Now I'm wondering if there'll be a special cover drawing of ME... my likeness with big question marks coming from both ears.
So I had my premier post-festival cocktail at 830PM on the dot when I invited one and all to meet me for margaritas. After a few of those there was a pileup of three of us (of course I was involved with this) on a plastic Adirondack chair which collapsed. A nearby tippler shouted Hey, my Adirondack chair... you owe me five dollars.
Best sets: Last Conservative (well on their way), Sheila Divine, Jackdaw, Turnstones (formerly Velour).
Over and out.
Way out.

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