Wednesday, July 03, 2002

I, Miss Oh-my-Buddah-if-I-see-blood-I-get-all-woozie, am now officially really oncall for taking Deborah to the emergency door of the Middling City's Children's Hospital. I'll be sleeping at her house every night as my publisher/editor/pal has jetted off to NYC and I have a nice roomy Forester and nerves of steel (apart from blood issue). Today I realized that she will not be able to look into my eyes and scream LOOK WHAT YOU FUCKING DID TO ME, AS SHE WOULD BE ABLE TO WITH HIM. So, I am hoping that this baby, Sarah, comes out while he's away so I can be there, of course camera in hand(s). Come on Sarah. Come out. Ready.
Just had a freelance gig at the Canadian Consulate photographing Canadian Members of Parliament and a lone US Congressman - my pal John LaFalce. In the midst of documenting the jovial wine pouring and thumping of backs John looked up at me and said Kerry! (a woman who works at the Consulate) get a photo of me with Nancy!!! This stopped most of the activity in the room. We threw our arms around each other and that'll be one for the ol' wall of face.
MP's prefer Canadian wine over any other swill from any other rotgut country. Canadian MP's know a whole lot more about our government than I do. And they say AY just like those other million or so Canadians up there, too.
Onwards to a crushing AOL deadline and then zooming out to photograph affable Mr. Tom Petty and a few Heartbreakers.

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