Sunday, June 30, 2002

That's this weekend theme.
Friday marathon was non-stop bluegrass at the exurban outside venue @ the Down from the Mountain tour stop... produced by the wacky Coen Brothers. It could have only been improved by a special visit by hottie George Clooney.
And wasn't that night's treatment of photographers night to the ol' day of the Britney Spears Extravaganza for we photogs (actually only me +1 boy colleague) were not even subjected to anal cavity searches!!!
Saturday marathon schmoozing, driving, darkroom production.
Sunday/today is marathon music shooting at my newspaper's Street Festival. I wish I had a pedometer to clock the amount I'll walk between stages from 1-8PM with intermittent stops at the beer truck where pourers will be pals and drafts will be gratis. And it's a 100% digital day to boot.
Tequila in the forecast?
Does your fav Nancy bring joy to your heart?
I rest my case.

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