Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More green.

Yours Truly meant to add a really great Accidental Frame from the series but there is either a Java issue - again - as YT upgraded FireFox to the newest miasma, or it's the toxic tech-defying droplets on my fingertips that are keeping this verdant jpeg from appearing as it should be: as verdant as can be in the upper lefthand corner of epinw with a quippy caption basically stating that it's an accidental frame, and that it's verdant.

It was made while in the woods with a guy who I was hired to make portraits of, who is going on some far-flung trek to raise money. It's like an Uta Barth image, made somewhere between what is there and infinity: it shows green layers of new leaves in the early morning before I literally and figuratively was focused on the subject at hand.

Whilst shooting and conversing I asked this photo victim if he had been a camp counselor, and he had. I told him that I'd spent a decade in Maine as a camp counselor, how I can sometimes spot other camp counselors: no matter how much orange-bottled Ben's is sprayed & removed, years passed, or layers of crud added and subtracted, there is a wholesome aura that clings much like those auras of others of similar good intent.

It was in that instant that YT realized just how much I miss Maine, and kayaking, and being outdoors in those cold dark nights in the woods for best dreaming, and pine-stenched days for solid writing and Art.

A dream recently won't leave the other hours, it was so real that it has achieved the rarefied status of only about a few dozen of dreams across this lifetime that remain as real as photographs. Spring is the time of poetry, of memories, of memories of walks at night beginning poems in sketch form, of the turning of a corner and the arresting scents of night-blooming jasmine or hyacinths. Curtains blowing out a window, then into the room as Love looms large.

Love Looming. Love Dreaming.