Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Call of the Drawing Board

Accidental Frame Series: Carpet and Black Shoe. 4.27.11
Yet another masterwork crafted - hand-pixelled if You will - by Yours Truly whilst minding my own business yesterday evening mid-gig and talking with two app developers - and brainstorming, as they say in the world of apps and such.
Another of the Accidental Frame Series, I like the subconscious nod to letters and stamps.
Or perhaps You anarchists see a backward American flag.
In that ref you would be far-off from the intent of my subconscious.
YT handed in a blaring/glaring soothful resto review of one of the Middling City's most earnest establishments which will not be named.
As their director (his term) of food (like elsewhere he would be dubbed the manager) and drink was enormous and imposing YT puts this out there so that if I should disappear without any clues on epinw, or FB, or tweets, or texts, or classy note taped to a busy wall of my house, You know that I am wearing concrete loafers at the bottom of the dark and mysterious Lake Erie.
The resto in question liked to use the term hand-whatever'd.
Lots of menu items there are hand-crafted, hand-tossed, hand-fashioned.
I added the latter.
What in h-e-double-hockey-sticks food is not given life by some human hands.
I move along to other matters at hand-craft.
YT is embroiled in Art, more Art, and a smattering of other creative matters.
YT also found herself in the confusing, and China-handed aisles of IKEA yesterday and bought some really swell frames that seemed like they were secretly customized for YT and YT artwork.
Or hand-tousled Art pieces.
YT should like to state thusly: what was remembered as charmingly low-fi in terms of the onsite resto was to YT yesterday rather dumpish.
As is the custom in Canada the creamer for the coffee was stellar.
The meatballs were worthy of Salvatore's Italian Wax Museum, and quite similar in tone. YT did not eat them, only examined them with palpable superiority.
The crepes were lunchable. They had the air of hand-tossing.
Off now to march about and create some fine things for public enjoyment.
Tomorrow YT rises bright and shining to watch those far-off nuptials for some reason.
YT watched the handing over of Hong Kong, and before that that unfortunate alignment of Diana and Whatzizname.
O Trad.

Love of Hand-Crafted Trad.