Thursday, February 25, 2010

Flame Hand.

This piece is oso brand new, Flame Hand.
As is my wont, as is my cannot-get-into-studio-mode wont, made a sketch first of the piece and then made it concrete.
Actually, made it with not concrete but one hour's worth of gluing flower petals to Kat's hand - after deconstructing an expanse of Gerber daisies.

CEPA biennial auction happens on April 24th and the section of their site devoted to the biennial hoopla is as lovely as the pub of same purpose.

There is another work in the works and that hand model is reserved. Now waiting for the right flowers to come along. May have to grow them myself, as I did for the exhibition that I had in Olean - hands + all flowers homemade.

Time to make, do, and wend into a late-winter wet snow flaking around the Middling City, desperately, in the op of Yours Truly, needing some fresh new white layers.

Layered Snowy Love.