Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunshine and Windburn.

Totally minding my own art-making business I have become completely windburnt tromping about the Shiney Apple.

Sad to learn yesterday of the passing of poet Gabrielle, a firey spirit who has left this stage too soon. It is a strange modern thing looking at one's FB page and seeing such life, then the slowing down of life, one's last update, and then the sympathetic words from friends.

There is a collection of new images in the little Leica that Yours Truly is happy with, and these might end up in print, on a wall, being the art apple of someone's eye.

That is the hope.

Saw former Middling City residents Dorota, Jason, Justy, and Gretchen yesterday for fun. Gretchen's work was hanging in a building in DUMBO and her work is truly lovely with branches on some pieces reaching out like a partially-captured, handmade forest sample.

Walking through the various galleries Justy and I met up with a gallery owner who he does business with, who was inquiring about making digital files of Robert Frank originals in front of him on his desk - one quite lovely, a compilation of fill stills from a short film made in Nova Scotia.

That is part of the partial magic of yesterday.

More forthcoming.

Forthcoming More Love.