Thursday, March 04, 2010

Another Perfect One from Accidental Frame Series.

First item on Perfect Docket is that Yours Truly gleefully acquired the drawing table of Late Great Jackie Felix, artist.
YT had been searching on & off for a drawing table for some time, always thwarted by the thought of said drawing table showing up at the studio doors in a FLAT box. Meaning: 500 loose parts, an enclosed allen wrench, and a bevy of tears ... and heartache. Until a rescue operation, as happened with the on-sale elliptical a few years ago.
Thankfully, my patient parents came to the rescue and two hours later voilĂ  - elliptical.

Went to Jackie's studio with LBC and perused her still-full studio teeming with works on paper of all sizes.
Separated top and bottom of drawing table, paid for it, and swept it away into its new creative h.q.
Actually feel the aura of Jackie on it, and know it will inspire the toppermost creative energies to fall out onto the paper at hand.

Speaking of hand, set up next hand model for the next new piece.
And ordered Kat a framed print of the piece that she posed for oso patiently - Flame Hand.

Put in proposal for the next Artists & Models, dubbed Stimulus.
YT's piece, ever-interactive and still incorporating the sale of now-extinct, rare, and precious Polaroids, will be chock full of live Stim Girls, and exuberance.
As is my A&M wont.
I wrote to Polly at HW yesterday that YT has taken part of all but two A&M, and was present as a happy spectator at the first.

YT received a generous grant via NPPA to attend the next Northern Short Course in New Brunswick, NJ.
Ever so excited, it's a wondrous thing to swim amongst one's colleagues and talk shop, pixels,lenses and oso much more for days.
And it's been a long while since YT took on the role of Conventioneer.

Pixel Swim Love.