Saturday, January 16, 2010

Frogs, and Rainbows.

Yesterday, minding my own business, as is my steadfast wont, at a gig at the Middling City's dank City Hall, I spotted a field of green.
Specifically, it was a florescent, deep office on one of four hallways to left and right, east and west off the main lobby.
Searching for more individuals doing photographically-interesting things for a publication, I spied the field of green.
I meandered into the office and asked a woman back by the windows who collected the hundreds of stuffed and statuesque frogs.
Her daughter, she told me, many years earlier, had bought her a frog figurine for Valentine's Day. And so began her hobby.
This is a recurring theme of collectors - sometimes it all began with a gift from well-meaning someone.
So now all the clients she sees in her City Hall office, she says, bring her all kinds of frogs.
There was one made out of coal, a stuffed one that a client kissed so that she'd meet a prince, and frogs of all shades of green - and various sizes.
The vibe in the office was light, happy even, a far cry from the adjacent hallway where cold, dark chairs line the walls as individuals await their time in dreaded traffic court.

Speaking of such, Yours Truly received in the mail this week my suitable-for-framing, green certificate from Driver Improvement Program.

Last night drove up to Rainbow Rollerskating Rink for a triad of birthday party - with three other roller chicks.
Veni, vidi, rolli, and after the onslaught of dance music from the 80s and early 90s there was some cake, conviviality, and an onsite bouncehouse.
Once some pesky children cleared out of the bouncehouse, I suggested to Sherry it would be a primo op to bounce, not roll.
So bounce we did.
And this will, as I predicted, be an excellent addition to my plans, hopes, and dreams of having a Perfect 10/10/10 celebration.

Perfect, bouncing Love.