Sunday, January 10, 2010

Newbies: 10 10x10 for 1/10 Show

This past Friday, 1/8/10 (luckiest numbers of Yours Truly are 18, and 10 so this was an auspicious date), made some new work with the handy help of hand model Heady - a good-natured beast ever so patient with requests to soften a thumb, to hold arms up in an awkward position so that the light (photons, as we say in the photo trade) may work its magic.

The final result is a suite of ten, for a show at the end of this month at Studio Hart, curated by Molly Jarboe and also with collaborative pieces by Lisa & Andrew - pomes in print and picture.

The images are black & white, each printed as 10x10. No glass, they're printed on durable material and loving the accessibility/immediacy.

Artful Jubilant Love.