Sunday, September 07, 2008

In honour of Dorota's birthday (today), here is a found image on the laptop from one of our Euro-forays, entitled "Bad Haircut and Mona Lisa."
This was past the days when mousse was a necessary tool in the beauty kits of all genres of party people, so not sure what transpired in this person's WC that morn.

Dorota and I met out last night after conversing several times over the weekend.
It all began with a strong feeling that I must call her. And voilĂ , she was in the Middling City. We had some nice white, and toasted with some dry champ at midnight.
Rio's b-day is Tuesday ... her 9/9 to my 10/10.

Today, amongst other things, shot a wedding at the MC's venerable Kleinhans Music Hall and a grifter drifted in, replete with oversized carpetbag.
She was bounced and followed and apprehended.
Upon bag inspection it was discovered that she had two large knives in there.

Love of birthday happiness.