Saturday, September 06, 2008

The jury is still out, discussing, and reading through mags whilst deliberating the ultra-new, yet-to-be-released Ani release, gifted to YT via MaryB last night at The Pub.
More about this later.
One track should/could become an anthem calling for young girls to skip insecurities and move along to power and love of self, as-is.

Little Laura and I found ourselves last night in one of several bar tents at the edge of Hoyt Lake in the midst of sadly dissected Delaware Park (by the 198, of course, way back when for handy E-W accessibility) at Party for the Parks.
The party began at 6. We arrived at 8:30 to discover, in the misty rain, that there were no remaining snacks, save for a pile of pre-packed rice pudding, unchilled.
The Shiney Happy had given YT comps for a pair and we still needed to purchase the ol' drink tix for sipping.
Hence, the bar tent. And then the mist became a deluge so we were invited into the tent by volunteers and met them all. Two were from East Amherst, which was a pleasant surprise, as it seems typical that urban volunteers are urban denizens.
After the rain let up I retrieved our umbrellas that I'd stashed in a handy bush up the staircase and we split back to where we'd begun our journey, Kennedy's driveway.
From there we experimentally traipsed over to Sportsmen's and were greeted by a wall of fishfry aroma, and no band, so we motored along to The Pub which was, as is its wont, highly entertaining.
One guy refused to buy Bad Penny a drink, which she was angling for after the guy had bumped into YT.
As is her specialty, Bad Penny parlayed this into an excellent self-op but the guy would not budge from his stance that he was like so not buying her a drink as he was on a budget – buying himself his own drinks after he'd purchased narcotics.
What type of narcotics, YT queried.
He looked YT over.
Cocaine, he stated, and then we all went about our own rollicking businesses.

YT has been amiss in not posting a scan of a sketch of a young girl, in Batman mask, hanging out her front door in the Historic Old First Ward.
It was a gorgeous Diane Arbus moment and YT absorbed it with eyes as the cam was not at the ready.
There have been several Arbus moments lately.
It is time to make some fresh new inner-city images of the MC – the types of images that gain aura as time progresses.
Like how one cannot appreciate sometimes personal landscapes, documentation of, until time has passed, things changed.

The sky is gray, the greens are lush.
Today YT wears a t-shirt anti-Bush.

Love of bad rhymes.